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Packing Checklist for Labor and Birth

Birth is about oxytocin. It is the love and bonding hormone and it's also the contracting hormone. So, how can you feel warm fuzzies while laboring and birthing your baby?

Planning is key!

Now, you could just show up with not a single thing but the clothes on your back and even those will probably be stripped away as it's hard to have a baby with pants on, however, it's nice to have some things to set the tone and increase your feelings of safety and comfort which in turn will increase your oxytocin levels. And you don't have to have your bags packed and just sitting there for weeks, but a list sitting on top of your bags is a stellar idea.

We are mammals. We want warm, dark, quit, and safe places to have our babies and hospitals are not those things. Birth Centers can be those things and home can definitely be those things but out of hospital birth isn't for everyone and sometimes transfers happen.

I have been to births as a doula where mom's wanted silence and dark and other times there was a definite party atmosphere with party lights and everything.

Plan like you would for YOUR party. You do you. What are your favorite foods? What music gives you all the feels? Is there a show that you adore? How about what you wear? When you lay down to deeply rest, is your favorite pillow or blanket there with you? Those things matter! How you feel matters! You are planning for the ultimate birthday and it can be long, hard work but that also means that it can/should be joyful.

I have compiled a list of things to pack or at least consider packing. It looks like a long list but many of the things are small and compact.

I think that mom and partner should each have a bag and out of all the things to take with you the most important is FOOD!! Snacks are so very important. Birth is an endurance event and we need to fuel and hydrate our bodies and no pregnant person ever thought that labor would be better with a hangry partner!

Check out and print my Packing List here. (And yes, I know that I accidentally put your own pillow and blanket twice but when I realized it I chose to leave it as they are both pretty important to a lot of people.)

What are the top things on your packing list?

So, after you have your packing checklist sorted, download my free postpartum plan on my home page, since the party is just getting started when you have your baby!




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