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newborn baby during the newborn exam at a homebirth with midwife Angie Hotz

Free Meet and Greet Consultation

Are you curious about midwifery care and have questions? Do you already know that you love the midwifery model of care and want to see if midwife Angie is a good fit for you by chatting and getting to know each other?  This no-cost consultation can help you understand what to expect of midwifery care and the Mount Vernon Birth Center. Chatting in person can help Angie clarify that you are an appropriate, low risk candidate for out of hospital birth.

Let's schedule an in person visit or zoom visit. 

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Early Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

It can be lonely navigating early pregnancy. Please feel free to reach out as soon as you want if you are needing support in those early weeks. Our first initial visit is usually scheduled at 12 weeks but it is not a rule and can be scheduled earlier. 

Prenatal visits occur every 4-5 weeks until 28 weeks and then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until the birth of your tiny human. Additional visits may take place as needed.

  • Initial visits usually last 1.5 hours, with all other visits lasting up to 1 hour each

  • Individualized care that includes educational information and counseling related to emotional and physical health

  • Shared-decision making about your care

  • Children and family involvement as appropriate and as you desire

  • Knowledge of herbal and alternative therapies

  • 24/7 on-call services

  • Physical exam including breast and pelvic exams as needed or necessary

  • Referrals for appropriate physicians and community resources as needed

  • Online access to your client chart including lab and ultrasound results

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Labs and Ultrasounds

Most lab work is something that I can offer and perform in office. These labs include the routine initial OB panel labs, genetic screening options, gestational diabetes screening, and the Group Beta Strep (GBS) screen. Ultrasounds are performed at your facility of choice. These would include an early ultrasound for dating, if needed, recommended 20 week anatomy scan, and any other imaging that may be needed at the end of pregnancy. Referrals can also be made for higher level ultrasounds with Maternal Fetal Medicine if needed.

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Labor and Birth

Labor and birth are unique experiences for each person and for each pregnancy. We will be in contact in early labor to make a plan for when we should meet at The Mount Vernon Birth Center or when I will come to your home if you are planning a homebirth.

  • Myself and a skilled birth assistant will attend your birth (guaranteed backup midwife if something prevents me from being there)

  • Routine intermittent monitoring of you and your baby during active labor

  • Eating, drinking, and movement encouraged

  • Involvement of partner, children, and other members of your birth team as you desire, if applicable

  • Waterbirth is an option if you desire

  • Suturing of first or second degree tears, if applicable

  • Skilled management of bleeding with medications as needed

  • Showing you your amazing placenta if you wish.

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Your Postpartum Care 

Your postpartum experience is treated with tenderness and respect as you rest and recover after bringing your tiny human into the world. Postpartum visits occur at 24 hours, 3-5 days, 10-12 days and again at 6 weeks. I try to visit you at your home for the first two visits,

if possible. 

  • Monitor your physical and emotional wellbeing immediately after birth 

  • Provide education and instructions to help you care for yourself and your baby

  • Help you to adjust to life as a new parent to this baby

  • Physical exam including breast exam are options if needed

  • Referrals for pelvic floor specialists, if needed

  • Referrals for lactation support, if needed

  • 24/7 on-call services

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Caring for your Baby

I am honored to be your tiny human's primary care provider for the first two weeks of life. Some of what to expect of this care includes:

  • A thorough and gentle "head to toe" newborn exam is done about an hour and a half after birth and done right on the bed with you; ideally while you are eating a nourishing meal.

  • Initial breastfeeding help and support are offered.

  • Vitamin K and antibiotic prophylaxis offered after birth, information and resources suggested, and if agreed upon, administered during the newborn exam.

  • Baby weight checks and referrals to appropriate health care professionals as necessary

  • Newborn Metabolic Screen (at 24 hours and 12 days) and critical congenital heart defect screening (done with a pulse oximeter) are both a part of the usual care.

  • Midwife will file the birth certificate after you have filled out the information

  • 24/7 on-call services for the first 2 weeks of life.

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