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Angie Hotz Mount Vernon Midwfe wearing converse shoes in blue

"The birth of my second baby was absolutely amazing! Angie helped me regain confidence in my body and my ability to birth." 

~Amber C. 

My name is Angie Hotz. I am a mother, midwife, grannie, artist, scifi geek, and lover of plants. 


I came to midwifery by way of discovering how fulfilling my own pregnancies and births were while under midwifery care. My midwives showed me another way. They listened deeply, were kind, and truly encouraged me to feel like I was the expert of my own body and babies.  This is what I want for all of my own midwifery clients! 


I am passionate about you feeling satisfied with your experiences and the best way to do that is through true informed consent, shared decision making, and creating relationships built on trust. 


As humans, we hold many big feelings simultaneously, especially during pregnancy and birth. I want to reduce your anxiety by helping you understand what your options are and for you to feel like you called all the shots. I will do my absolute best to keep you and your baby safe while cheering on your bravery.


I help you honor the magical and the messy parts of this big childbirth and parenting adventure. I catch babies and have office space at the Mount Vernon Birth Center.

Angie Hotz helping a mother hold her baby after her waterbirth

I also provide homebirth services including to those wanting VBACs. I have had my own VBACs after a cesarean for a surprise breech firstborn spawn. Although I don't offer breech deliveries at this time, I do feel as though I have come full circle having attended several and even caught a surprise breech baby while I was a student. 

Another tidbit that I LOVE to share is that I caught my grandaughter in our livingroom!

Thats a midwife's dream!

 granddaugher Coco

At this time in my career, I believe that being a solo independent midwife is my calling. I want to be there from the start to finish of your care and for you to know exactly who will be there to witness your journey. 

The Midwifery Model of Care if founded on the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal and extraordinary life occurrences and as midwives, we are trained to recognize when things shift outside the realm of normal and are able to provide education and referrals for obstetric care if needed. To help you remain low risk, we provide holistic care and keep the instances of intervention minimal as we believe that the body and your baby are the experts of this process without needing interference. 

Training and Professional Experience to date

  • Purchased the Mount Vernon Birth Center and began practicing in Mount Vernon in November 2023

  • Began Mothership Midwifery January 2022

  • Birth Emergency Skills Training December 2021

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Midwives College of Utah 2021

  • Created the Student Midwives of WA State organization 2020-present

  • Birth Assistant at The Birthing Inn January 2020- March 2022

  • Birth Emergency Skills Training 2019

  • NRP Karen Strange, Seattle 2019

  • Spinning Babies Parent Educator Training, Boston 2018

  • NRP Salmonberry Birth Center 2018

  • Spinning Babies for Care Providers  2018

  • Began midwifery school at MCU Winter 2018

  • Birth Emergency Skills Training 2016

  • NRP Salmonberry Birth Center 2016

  • Journey Through the Pelvis with Carrie Kenner 2016

  • BRAS breastfeeding class Carrie Kenner 2016

  • Spinning Babies 2016

  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Certification 2015

  • NRP Karen Strange 2015

  • NRP Swedish Health Center 2015

  • Birth Assistant Training with April Duggins 2015

  • Created the Kitsap Cesarean and VBAC Support Group 2014-present

  • Bradley Method Doula Training 2014

  • Bradley Method Childbirth Educator Certification 2014

  • Doula Training with ToLabor 2006

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