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newborn baby with  vernix and tongue sticking out. homebirth, skin to skin with her mother

Frequently Asked Questions

Midwifery care?

When you hire me as your midwife, you do not need additional care from an OB. Clients must be healthy and low risk. Midwifery care is designed to help you remain low risk

What is high risk?

twins, breech, diabetes that needs medication, preeclampsia, and  hypertension. VBAC in the birth center setting is not allowed , however VBAC at home is an option.

Emergencies and Medications

Licensed midwives have access to meds to control hemorrhage,  perineal repair, shock, seizure, IV fluids, and oxygen.  Also antibiotics to treat GBS if you choose.

Backup midwives and Doctor

I have several trusted colleagues that I can call on for backup should something arise that prevents me from attending to you. My current backup OB is Dr. Steven Maynard. 

When and Why?

Moms/birthing people are carefully monitored during labor and birth however if baby is not tolerating labor well, a transfer might be needed. Moms sometimes transfer for pain management.

Insurance and payment

I accept most insurance plans including medicaid. There are some fees not covered by insurance including the registration fee at MVBC or the birth assistant fee and birth kit fee for homebirth.

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