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Waterbirth at a freestanding birth center with Skagit Valley midwife Angie Hotz

Invest in your care

The insurance industry has not changed the rate at which they pay midwifes for at least 15 years. Midwifery care reduces the cost and risk of childbirth but unfortunately the reality is that it is not compensated for.  


As a solo midwife, I provide individualized holistic, one on one care. 

My goal is to provide this this type of individualized care for years to come.

Booking / Service Fee

The $300 non-insurance covered booking/service fee helps to keep this kind of exemplary care susteainable as a solo practicing midwife. I take care of you and your baby start to finish. 

This fee will be due at your first initial appointment. If you need to make payments, we can find a payment schedule that works for you. 

This fee supports:

  • 24/7/365 on-call access to your midwife

  • Appointments times lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour with collaborative, personalized, decision making which is beyond the time considered payable for routine care by most insurance carriers.

  • Holistic, natural based approach to health and wellness for you and baby

  • Individualized care and informed decision making opportunities

  • Educational materials and resources

  • Referral support during antepartum/labor/birth/postpartum, as needed

  • Enhanced newborn and postpartum care

  • In house labs

You and your family deserve and benefit from the time and attention, characteristic of the midwifery model of care that has been demonstrated to improve outcomes and increase birth satisfaction. Check out a more detailed description of what is included in care.

Insurance Benefits

Most insurance plan benefits cover midwifery care. However, you should always inquire with your health care plan for the most up-to-date information. When contacting your insurance representative, provide my NPI# 1083367148 and Tax ID# 87-4790592

You can also reach out to Island Billing to find out what your estimate of cost for midwifery care will be. 

Click here to contact Island Billing. 


In the event that you do not have insurance benefits, the Mothership Midwifery OB care package is $6,400. This includes: your prenatal visits, labor, birth, newborn care, lactation, and postpartum. 

A timely payment discount is offered if paid in full by 36 weeks. ($4,600). 

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