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Find our what your estimate of cost for midwifery care is based on your insurance. 

Check your benefits by clicking below.

Yes! I love taking late transfers.
Well done taking charge of your healthcare!

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Welcome! I am so glad you're here.
My goal is to help you thrive during your pregnancy,
feel satisfied with your birth, and feel supported postpartum.  
As a licensed midwife, I offer heart centered, personalized, comprehensive midwifery care. I offer homebirth and birth center birth options.  
Newborn baby with Mount Vernon Midwife Angie Hotz

What to Expect From

Your Midwifery Care

Placenta Package with placenta pills and placenta print

Placenta Encapsulation

Prennancy and birth affirmation card to support labor and birth

Safety, Benefits,

and FAQ About Midwifery Care

Newborn baby skin to skin with her mother at a homebirth with Mount Vernon Midwife Angie Hotz

Mothership Midwifery 
helping you bring your baby

Traveling to the stars to retrieve your tiny human takes bravery. I bear witness to your journey and keep you both safe. I help you embrace and celebrate

this messy and magical adventure.

Trust building is key to a satisfying experience.

I am transparent about options and requirements,

depending on your desired birth place, 

so you can make the right decisions for your family. 

Mount Vernon Skagit Valley midwife Angie Hotz

Schedule a
no-cost consultation

and get to know
midwife Angie 

Download a free postpartum plan

Preparing for the immediate postpartum time is just as important as planning for the birth.

This postpartum planning guide will help you organize and prepare so you are more able to rest and enjoy this new time and better bond with your new baby.

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newborn baby with long eyelashes at the Mount Vernon Birth Center

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Birth and Office
Visit Locations

My clinic office is located at

the Mount Vernon Birth Center. I also primarily catch babies there. If you are interested in homebirth, lets chat, including VBAC clients.

Payment Options

Insurance and Cash Pay

are both accepted

I am able to take most major insurance options including Medicaid Apple Health. 

Mount Vernon Birth Center 916 s. 3rd street Mount Vernon WA 98273
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