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Taping Birth Plans to the Wall

Most of my doula clients write birth plans and take them to their birth place with them when they go into labor. The process of writing a birth plan is so valuable in knowing what your options are and what to expect as well as communicating to the staff your wishes.

The last two hospital births I have been to, the parents brought out the birth plans and referred to them when they couldn't remember what all they had decided on wanting during labor and birth. The birth plans got shuffled around and the wonderful doctors and midwives at these births referred back to the plan a few times but the birth plan was never in the same spot twice. Often times the nurses, doctors, and midwives ask about the family's birth plan but if they don't ask about it, it would be nice for it to be easily accessible and prominently available.

So, I am going to start carrying tape in my bag so I can tape the birth plan on or next to the white board in the room. It is a spot that everyone refers too often and some pretty washi tape will stand out and be easy to carry in my bag. I typically have a copy of their birth plan in my bag as well and I could even tape my copy up if the others get lost.

What have you seen at births? What did you do with the birth plan at the hospital? I love to learn along the way!




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