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Want to Have an Empowered Birth? Take My Childbirth Education Class!

Have you signed up for a childbirth class yet? I know it is such a busy time of year and sometimes it's hard to just get through the day.

But spring will be here before you know it and the beginning of the year is a great time to consider taking a childbirth class if you are due in April, May, or June.

I think the most profound decision a pregnant mama can make, is choosing her care provider. It's so important to have someone who you trust will support you in the birth that you want. There are many choices to be made when it comes to pregnancy and birth and a Bradley Method Childbirth class will help you prepare and feel more confident.

We go over pain coping techniques, relaxation, nutrition, exercises, staying healthy and low risk, choosing care providers, writing birth plans, what your options are, pros and cons of options, being a good consumer, what to pack, and so much more! Check out my page for all the details!

Hurry and get signed up, as I only have openings for two more couples! And, as always, I welcome your questions!



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