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How will you remember your birth?

This whole pregnancy and birth ride mamas are on can be empowering and enjoyable. When mothers are honored, respected, listened to, helped, her birth can create amazing memories regardless if the birth turned out how she hoped or not. Things come up. The unexpected happens. Birth and life are similar in that regard. Who we surround ourselves with and how we choose to react to the situation greatly impacts whether or not the memeories created are positive or negative and this is so very important when it comes to birth.

When a mother has a birth that makes her feel anything but empowered and supported, she still carries that around. It's not only the "good" births that are remembered. Having a healthy mother and baby does not cancel out the negative feelings that a mother might have after her birth if she wasn't treated with dignity and respect.

I had four very different births from cesarean, to hospital VBAC, to birth center VBAC, to unassisted home birth (my midwife was gloriously late). All were unique and none of them turned out exactly as I expected but when I chose care providers carefully, educated myself, practiced daily relaxation techniques, and surrounded myself with supportive people, I made excellent memories despite the unexpected!

Birth is a milestone. It is an event that shapes a mother. It changes us on the inside and out. How we are treated during birth changes how we remember the birth for the rest of our lives.

During my research for my own births I came across the birth guru Penny Simkin of the Simkin Center in Seattle. She has many amazing books and videos that empowered me in my own births as well as shape how I teach and care for doula clients and students.

Penny has been working with mothers and families since 1968 and continues to work with families as well as inspire and educate other birth workers at conferences and workshops. I use her cord clamping video in the Bradley Method chidbirth education classes that I teach!

In the video below she says that

"the care you recieve during childbirth is going to be key in how you remember birth for years to come. It is worth it to spend a little time thinking about what is important to you, about the people to have around you that will provide nurturing, love, safety, and the kinds of things you want from your birth."

You are creating a memory and you have a lot to do with that. Let's make it a good one!

So, what is important to you? What decisions will you make? Who will be there to support you? You deserve the best memories possible!!! I am here for you if you have questions and need support as you plan your own birth. xoxo



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