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Introducing Everyday Badass Affirmation Cards

Everyday life is a mixed bag. It can be joyous and blissful and it can be stressful and overwhelming. And holy craptarts, It can be many things all at the same freakin' time and you can feel lots of big feels all at the same time. Help yourself get through with these unique and original affirmation cards designed for the everyday.

These are some of the things I tell myself when I am hanging on and trying to get through. They were a spinoff of the Badass Birth Affirmation Cards I came up. They were designed to help with the real intense parts of labor, like transition, and then it occurred to me that we go through many transitions in life and often its on an everyday level. It might not be as intense as labor transition but hard times are hard times and we all need tools to cope.

These affirmation cards more than the typical flowery affirmations. These edgy and sweary affirmations will help you get through whatever life hands you. Maybe you are making lemonade with those lemons but maybe you are swearing a bit while you make it.

In the deck, you will get 23 4x6 color cards and 2 FREE SURPRISE CARDS are included. You get a total of 25 full color affirmation cards. The surprise cards are the bomb dot com if I do say so myself! Check them out on my Etsy page and stay tuned for the Badass Postpartum Affirmation Cards Deck.

Thanks so much for your support! You can totally rock the shit out of whatever life hands you!! I know you can.



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