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The Veach Family Home Birth Story

Janelle and Craig are instafriend kind of people. You know the ones where you start chatting with them and feel so comfortable and like you have known them for ages. I fell in love with them as soon as I met them and love that I had a part in their birth story. They didn't have much time before baby Emmy arrived to take the whole Bradley Method childbirth class series but we were doing a private class so we had some flexibility. I was doing another private childbirth class for a different couple and they joined up a few times and it was awesome that they happened to go to school with each other and now were having babies!

Janelle was so calm while birthing and Craig was so supportive that they didn't call the Salmonberry Midwives until Janelle was feeling pushy. Watch as they tell their home birth story and check out how charming little Emmy is!


Angie Bee

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