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Andria's VBAC Homebirth Story Interview Video

As a birth doula, I get the pleasure to witness the powerful entrances of new tiny humans into the world. Many of those births are redemptive and healing. The prevailing thing I hear from VBAC moms and even those who plan VBACs and end up having repeat cesareans is that the planning of the birth is a healing and empowering experience. I know that was the case for my own births.

I sat down with Andria as she told me her birth story. I was her doula at her home birth vbac. She had her baby on the floor of her livingroom surrounded by her husband, myself, and a fabulous birth team.

Have you thought about having or had a homebirth? Did you know that midwives, especially in Washington state have medications, oxygen, IV kits, suturing kits, etc to handle emergencies and to stabilize if we need to transfer to get to somewhere with different tools. Very well trained hands and hearts!

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