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What's in My Doula Bag?

I am a bit of a SciFi geek and I adore Doctor Who. Some of the highest compliments that I have been given were when clients have said that my doula bag was like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside, and that it was my Mary Poppins bag. I have a theory that Mary Poppins was indeed a Time Lord so it is doubly flattering!

I have all kinds of fun and useful things in my doula bag that are for you, your partner, and for me. Some of my fondest birth memories were when a family and I had a tooth brushing party with Wisp disposable toothbrushes at the butt crack of dawn before the sweet baby was born. Lots of coffee and lack of sleep sometimes call for a freshening up and a change of energy in the birth space.

A doula's bag is a unique and personal preference to that particular doula. Some use backpacks, rolling suitcases, tote bags, and any other bag that they find cute and functional. We all carry different tools in our bags too. Here is a peek inside my doula bag and what I bring with me to offer the best labor support in the galaxy!

1. Massage tools because hands get tired and mom needs you to NOT STOP!

2. Arnica massage oil because it's heavenly!

3. Bendy straws because moms need to be able to drink laying down or in any position. (moms actually drink more if they are drinking from a straw)

4. Chapstick/lip gloss because heavy breathing when doing hard work makes your lips dry.

5. Mints and gum because coffee breath or you ate something and mom might make you leave if you breathe on her with your food breath!

6. Snacks because birth and birth support are hard work and we need to fuel.

7. Wisp disposable toothbrushes because a freshening up can have a profound uplifting effect on a weary body and soul.

8. LED Candles because candles are cozy and set a lovely calm atmosphere.

9. Bluetooth Speaker because music is soothing and comforting and a step up from a phone speaker.

10. Hair ties because they tend to be missing when you most need them so I have backups.

11. Coffee, because coffee.

12. Earl Gray tea because sometimes coffee gets old and a good cuppa tea is perfect for the body and spirit.

13. Nuun electrolyte hydration tablets because birth is an athletic event for the the whole team. Electrolytes profoundly affect muscle contraction and if you are dehydrated it can lead to irregular and inefficient contractions. Hydrate to help have regular efficient contractions.

14. Peppermint essential oil. For whatever reason it can help you pee. It also helps with nausea.

15. A change of clothes for me. Sometimes birth is messy.

16. Deodorant. Nobody wants a stinky doula.....or a stinky partner etc.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Watch the video to see if I forgot anything in my list!! As always, reach out if you have questions and share this with those mamas who have questions too.



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