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C-section Not Best Option for Breech Birth and The Sanitized Stories We Tell Link Roundup

Hello and welcome to this weeks Friday Link Roundup! I'm so glad you are here as I have two really fantastic articles to share with you.

Canada is training her doctors to attend breech births. This is huge!!! Maybe US doctors could travel to Canada to learn too. Our doctors here in the US don't have the opportunity to see what a natural breech birth looks like due to the knee-jerk cesarean reaction and associated fear when a breech might be a possibility.

"Physicians should no longer automatically opt to perform a cesarean section in the case of a breech birth, according to new guidelines by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada."

My cesarean was for breech presentation. I have always had suspicions that my doctors had never even seen a vaginal breech delivery. There was a lot of fear about breech deliveries amongst the staff at the hospital. I could feel the vibe in the room shift when the nurse checked my dilation and said "oh honey, thats not a head, that's a butt. We don't do vaginal breech deliveries here".

I'm really excited to see how this shifts the high cesarean rates in Canada and hopefully the US too. Check out the article here!

As a childbirth teacher and doula I want your birth story to be wonderful and perfect but I know that life doesn't always work like that so I want you to own your story. All of it. The light and the dark. That is what empowered birth looks like.

Often times we find ourselves telling a story that caters to our audiences and we leave out details that would tell the whole story because maybe we haven't worked through our own feelings about the story yet. That's ok, mama. Take your time but maybe next time consider the whole story even if you are just telling it to yourself. It's yours and that is beautiful. It changed you and shaped you and gave you opportunity to grow even if right this minute it doesn't look like it.

"I had prepackaged it for consumption, leaving out the very darkness that gave the light its beauty."

"And so we go, disarming the fear with honesty, with empathy, with letting ourselves admit that its not okay and we need help to become okay, and then by empowering ourselves."

Let me know what you think of these and be sure and share this post with those mama's that you know! xoxo

Cheers, Angie

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