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Don't Judge My Uterus, Bacteria, and the Benefits of Vernix

As a doula and childbirth teacher, it is an integral part of my job to not judge, your uterus, or your birthing choices. At all.

I support you fully not matter the choices you make.

I believe you can make the right choices for you and your baby.

I really do, I'm not just saying it.

I feel it in my guts that were all squished at one time with my own babies.

I don't want to be judged for my choices and I remember having to walk away from some friends that were adamant that my choices were going to result in my uterus exploxing and the death of myself and my baby. Why were they so affraid and I was not? It was their issue not mine.

You deserve an empowered birth. Every woman deserves an empowered birth. And no matter where, how, when, with whom, cesarean, vaginal, in the woods or in the car, all mothers grew babies and those babies came out of their bodies and THAT IS AMAZING.

Check out this fantastic article on not judging each others get the idea.

My very favorite line from this article is this

"We should be giving a lot more high-fives and a lot less opinions."

Not too long ago we were waging war on bacteria. Now we are finding out that there is beneficial bacteria that we want to make friends with and support for ourselves and our babies.

This article talks about the incredible bacterial properties in breastmilk and how it changes to suit baby.

You will probably remember the white stuff that was all over your baby right after birth. If you are a new parent or still pregnant with your first, don't be alarmed, this stuff is amazing!! It's called Vernix Caseosa and is a moisturizer and protection for baby's delicate skin during the change of going from a wet environment to a dry environment. It also has antimicrobial properties that help protect the newborn against a wide varietys of infections. The cosmetics industry has even studied it for its moisturizing properties!

This article has several abstracts on the antibacterial properties of vernix. There’s a good reason why babies should not be bathed right away after birth.

“Postnatally, vernix is simultaneously a cleanser, a moisturizer, an anti-infective, and an anti-oxidant. Vernix facilitates acid mantle development and supports normal bacterial colonization. Its hydrated cellular structure and unusual lipid composition provide a ‘best’ solution for the needs of the foetus and newborn”

I hope you enjoyed this weeks roundup of articles. Let me know what you think in the comments and pass on those good links that you come across too!!



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