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Ultrasounds, Instinctive Pushing, and Breastfeeding in Public, weekly roundup.

Who doesn't love a good link roundup!?

I want to make things a little easier for you!

As parents we don't always have time to eat and shower let alone search for infomation online but I can share with you what I have come across that I pass on to my childbirth class students and doula clients.

There has been debate over ultrasounds for ages and like most interventions, it has two sides; they do harm and they are perfectly safe but where is the middle ground? What are we to think when there are pop up ultrasound kiosks in the mall and doctors can't decide which camp is the "right" camp?

The amount of things to research and worry about as parents seems endless and incredibly daunting but DON'T PANIC! I've got your back! I believe in you! Take a few deep breathes, relax, and know that you are supported and not alone.

Here is a link talking about the rise in number of ultrasound scans for low risk women and why these scientists warn utrasound could harm developing brains. What do you think? I am inclined to er on the side of caution but you read the article and tell me what you think.

Have you ever seen those movies or TV shows where the pregnant mother's water breaks and then people are telling her to "Push! Push!" and everyone is panicked and flippin' their lids? It makes birth seem rushed and scary. It has been burned into our brains that that is what birth looks like. BUT, it doesn't have to look like that when a woman is encouraged to listen to her own body.

It is difficult to accept that when we hear horror stories and see them on TV. Even new moms can have peaceful empowering births. Sure you might get loud and roar your baby out but doing it YOUR WAY is the best way!

This article is about supporting women's instinctive pushing behavior during birth. It is written by a midwife for other birth professionals but I love her perspective and a pretty easy read.

(Artwork by Amanda Greavette)

"Evidence supports the notion that women instinctively push in the most effective and safe way for themselves and their babies during birth. A birthing woman is the expert regarding when and how she pushes. Providing directions implies she needs our guidance and that we are the experts. Facilitating women’s instinctive birthing behaviours rather than directing them is evidence based and reinforces women’s innate ability to birth."

Ah, breastfeeding in public. This is such a crazy debate to me. I am in favor of feeding all the babies and supporting all the mothers. The real issue isn't whether breast is best, the issue is with the marketing practices of formula companies and their false advertising. We should know what is in our food that we feed babies and maybe if their marketing tactics were not so harsh and their was more support for women while breastfeeding, our society would have different views on breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Of course there are judgy breastfeeders and judgy formula feeders and then judgy people who are not even feeding an infant and it all boils down to what YOU are comfortable with. What makes your family work. Don't listen to the haters and trouble makers and trust your gut, mama. You know best for your baby.

Here is a link with 12 Completely Normal Photos of Women Breastfeeding in Public Places that I found on PopSugar. Babies have no sense of manners when it comes to when and where they are hungry! Do you breastfeed in public? Any tips for new moms or questions from those new moms?

I hope you enjoyed these articles and let me know what you think and please pass along any good info you come across! xoxo



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