Your birth memories matter. 


As a birth doula, I want you to feel listened to and respected in your birth vision.  You know your body and your baby and I know birth.  Together we make a great team! 


Childbirth education classes help you discover what your birth options are and how to navigate the different birth places in the Kitsap area.  Learn to make confident choices and not fear based choices.  


I help my clients find community in the Kitsap area during this birthing and parenting season of your lives.  Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Family Resources at the Peninsula Birth Network.


 I help you prepare for  birth and also for the new adventure of parenthood.  Resting and healing are so important in the postpartum time.

Birth Doula Services

As a birth doula, I help mothers have easier and faster labors and births with less fear and more empowerment.  I help pregnant people find their bravery and their voice and help them to honor the magical and the messy in this profound birth adventure. 

Learn more about how my birth doula services can enhance your pregnant, birthing, and postpartum experiences


Angie Hotz

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Download a free postpartum plan

Preparing for the immediate postpartum time is just as important as planning for the birth.

This postpartum planning guide will help you organize and prepare so you are more able to rest and enjoy this new time and better bond with your new baby.

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Client Love Notes

The birth of my second baby was absolutely amazing! Angie helped me regain confidence in my body and my ability to birth.

Amber C. 

Badass Affirmations

Life is full of transitions and hardships from getting out of bed in the morning to birthing a human being. You are amazing and capable and sometimes need a little encouragement.

So far, I have 3 decks of Badass affirmation cards available. Birth, Postpartum, and Everyday.