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waterbirth baby with midwives and placenta

  "Angie is a wonderful Bradley instructor and amazing support during pregnancy and birth! She covers everything you need to know about labor and delivery and helps you and your coach become an awesome team."

~Allison V~

 "The best decision I made during my pregnancy was taking Angie's Bradley Birth method class. It was informative, empowering and fun! The people that were strangers the first day of class became good friends and all our babies will be friends too. If you want a loving and positive environment to learn about your body, labor & birth, Angie's home is the place for you!" ~Ashley S. 

  "Angie is devoted to her clients and empowers them to have the birth experience they want and deserve! She will even work with your budget/payment plans. We couldn't be happier having her as our birth doula! so many thanks!"

~Rebecca B.~

  "Angie was my doula for my vbac. She was calming when I needed it and exactly what my whole family needed to have a redemptive second birth experience. No matter the circumstances of our next birth (another vbac or another c section) we will have Angie with us if possible."

~Andria H.~

I chose to hire Angie based upon our first meeting; her kindness and compassion were palpable and she immediately made me feel comfortable. Angie was very responsive throughout my pregnancy and frequently checked in with me to see how things were going. Angie is a wealth of information and is very well-connected with local resources and practitioners.

~Meghan B~

 Angie's consistent presence helped me to feel relaxed and supported. I knew I could count on her to help me in advocating for myself if need be. I ended up having my son naturally and without any pain medications! Angie came by a week later to answer any questions and help me reflect on my birth experience. I am happy to say it was a very positive experience. I am so grateful for Angie's support in helping me to have the birth that I had wanted so badly. 

~Lacey C. ~

Angie is a wonderful human being, one of a kind. We loved her down to earth nature and authentic demeanor. As our Doula she played a paramount supporting role in the birth of our third child. Our intention was to experience a VBAC but circumstances were not cooperative and the final destination was a beautiful and low stress C-Section.

Angie encouraged me to advocate for myself and share my wishes with the entire Hospital team. This worked out well and we delivered a very healthy baby girl in a supportive and baby/mom focused environment. As our Doula she was able to explain different circumstances and events that were unfolding by paraphrasing and reiterating what the hospital staff were suggesting. My husband was able to focus on myself and the baby rather than worrying about the big picture and specifics of the birth.

We would not hesitate in referring Angie's services and are thrilled we made the investment of her joining our baby's birth. A wonderful experience!

~L. B. H. ~

Angie was my birth doula for my VBAC and also encapsulated my placenta. She was so incredibly supportive and made my birth dream a reality. She was always a listening ear and shoulder to lean on wether I just needed to vent my worries, or needed someone to seek out knowledge from. She held my hand in the hospital and went above and beyond to make me feel like she was always a support. I can't recommend her enough!

~Kaitlyn P. ~

Angie is amazing. We took the Bradley Method class with her and she was so flexible with our crazy schedule. She is very down to earth and knowledgeable but what we really appreciated about her is that she has a great sense of humor and was able to make us feel super comfortable asking any questions we had. It was so nice to have an instructor who is also a Doula that has lots of experiences and resources to share. You will feel so confident and calm after you take the class with her. Thank you Angie.

~Kris L. a new dad~ 

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