Labor Support 
Bremerton Birth Doula serving Kitsap County

   Mom/pregnant person knows their body,  dad/partner knows their wife, and I know birth.  We make a great team and I am excited to support you in this rite of passage you are making  and to help get you started as a growing family.


  Let's get together and chat about your vision and ideas about your birth and how I can help you have that empowered birth.


$1300 for doula services 

$1700 for doula care and a belly cast.



 Women report having easier recoveries, better milk supply, and less postpartum mood problems while taking their placenta capsules. 


Placenta Capsules~ $200

Placenta Tincture~ $50

Complimentary Placenta Print

Complimentary Cord Keepsake



Placenta Encapsulation Specialist in Bremerton WA
Placenta Encapsulation
             Malas & Custom Jewelry
Malas and Breathing beads jewelry Bremerton WA

  Malas, Prayer Beads, or Breathing Beads are all tools to help you relax and let go of stress.  Each bead represents a breath cycle of one inhalation and one exhalation.  The beads help to stay focused on letting your mind and body relax and let stress go.  


 Repeating mantras with your breath is a gentle way to do self work and using beads to repeat your birth affirmations is fantastic way to practice relaxation in pregnancy!  

  Every pregnancy is unique and beautiful.  I want to help you celebrate your gorgeous, goddess, life creating body with a belly cast or belly bowl.


  The process is simple for you.  I come to you with all of the supplies I need and make the cast which takes about an hour.  I then take the cast home with me to sand and finish the cast and prepare it for painting.  Overall there is 12+ hours of work put into each unique belly cast. 


  The cast will be primed white and ready for paint.   You will have the option of hanging it from behind or by ribbon.  I also am up for doing custom painting which is something that we can discuss.


  A finished cast that is primed for painting is $450. 



     Belly Casting
Pregnancy Art of Belly Casting Kitsap County WA