"The birth of my second baby was absolutely amazing! Angie helped me regain confidence in my body and my ability to birth." 

~Amber C. 

Hello and welcome!!  


  My name is Angie and I am passionate about all mothers having positive and satisfying births.  As a birth doula and childbirth teacher, I help mothers have easier and faster labors and births with less anxiety. I help you honor the magical and the messy parts of this big childbirth and parenting adventure. I also offer placenta encapsulation and belly casting, serving all of Kitsap and beyond.

  It is so important to me that I am connected to the community and know what the other resources are so I can get my students and clients connected with peers and local Kitsap resources.  I am currently the caretaker of the Peninsula Birth Network website which is full of resources for families on the Kitsap Peninsula as well as Jefferson County and the Tacoma area. 


  After one of my very first childbirth students had a cesarean, I discovered that there were not adequate cesarean and VBAC support services in Kitsap County.   So, I did what I love to do and jumped right in to make something happen.  Now,  I facilitate and run the Kitsap Cesarean and VBAC Support Group.  



  I also love to create and make art.  I find that learning, teaching, serving, and creating art is a super fine combination that brings great happiness and fulfilment to my life.   I love creating malas and prayer beads which are wonderful tools for relaxation practice for all people including mothers preparing for labor and birth.  

  I am currently a student midwife with Niki Coraggio of Gig Harbor Midwifery


 I love to learn and grow and serve my community!!



  My birth experiences with my boy spawn range from cesarean to hospital birth to miscarriage to birth center birth to unassisted home birth as my midwife was gloriously late!   Want to know more about my births?   Click below.

Training and Professional Experience 

  • Birth Emergency Skills Training

  • NRP Karen Strange 2019

  • Spinning Babies Parent Educator Training in Boston, MA

  • Spinning Babies for Professionals 2018

  • Began midwifery school with MCU 2018

  • NRP Salmonberry Birth Center 2016 & 2018

  • Birth Emergency Skills Training 2016

  • Journey Through the Pelvis with Carrie Kenner 2016

  • BRAS breastfeeding class Carrie Kenner 2016

  • Spinning Babies 2016

  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Certification 2015

  • NRP Karen Strange 2015

  • NRP Swedish Health Center 2015

  • Birth Assistant Training with April Duggins 2015

  • Bradley Method Doula Training 2014

  • Bradley Method Childbirth Educator Certification 2014

  • Doula Training with ToLabor 2006

 "Angie is a wonderful Bradley instructor and amazing support during pregnancy and birth! She covers everything you need to know about labor and delivery and helps you and your coach become an awesome team."

~Allison V~